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Welcome To Our Referral Contest!

$1,500 In Cash 
up for Grabs!


Prizes for the top 10 places!

Contest Starts: NOW
Contest Ends: When We Hit 2,000 Verified Members or January 5th 2019 - Whichever Comes First!


10 Chances To Win A Prize!

*Read Rules Below*


1st - $700 Cash

2nd - $300 Cash

3rd - $200 Cash

4th - $100 Cash

5th - $60 Cash

6th - $40 Cash

7th - $30 Cash

8th - $30 Cash

9th - $20 Cash

10th - $20 Cash


All members, even free members can promote and ANYONE can win a prize for 4th to 10th place!

Note: To win 1 of the top 3 prizes the winner must have joined as a paid member of at least 1 paid program from within the LPO platform!

Look at all the prizes!

Imagine All The Commissions You'll Earn Going For 1st Place!

A few simple rules: No Spamming, No Paid Signups, No Paid To Click Referrals, No Cheating.

If you think what you are doing is cheating, it most likely is.

We have ways to check for cheaters - Anyone caught cheating will be deleted. No warnings. No Prizes.

Okay, so if I haven't scared you away :) Start referring members!


Remember: No Junk Traffic, Fake Traffic, Incentivized, Non-Buying Country Traffic, You Must Have An Average Upgrade Rate Like Everyone Else.. All Members Who Send Real Traffic Manage To Have A Certain % Of Upgrades.. If You Send Junk Referrals I CAN TELL AND YOU WON'T GET PAID


You must have a minimum of 30 referrals to win a prize if you're in the Top 1-5!

You must have a minimum of 15 referrals to win a prize if you're in the Top 6-10!

Here are some ideas on where to promote:

Facebook, Twitter, Ad Exchanges, Safelists, List Builders, Traffic Exchanges, Ad Boards, Your Own Opt-in List, Your own thank-you pages & download pages

Click Here For Promo Tools

Prize $$ Will Be Paid Out Within 7 Days After Contest Is Over Or Less

Admin (Nate Scifleet) Can Not Win - If I Am On The Leaderboard I Will Be Skipped Over For The Next Member


143 Verified Members
Member Name Referrals
John Anderson27
Nate Scifleet25
eric goussot18
Keith Eaton10
Pete Seal9
Andrea Walker7
Donald Garrand6
bernard effamy4
Brent Sissel4
Jodie Colby3
Suthep Ssachasiri2
Stefan Fenners1
Eyad Salem1
Johnny Eaves1
Anbuvadivu San1

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